Chin Augmentation or Reduction

With the value that is placed on physical beauty today by the media and societal standards, many of us feel pressure to improve our appearance, whether to compete in the business world, improve our social goals, or simply to feel better about ourselves.

The beauty and harmony of the face comes from features that are in balanced proportion to each other. A receded chin, also called a “weak” chin, is out of proportion to the other features and can make a normal nose seem larger as well as making the face less attractive. Having a chin that is too pointed or large can create a disproportionate and unappealing face as well.

Building up a recessive chin with an implant is a permanent method of bringing balance and a sense of correct proportion to the face, making it more aesthetically pleasing and boosting the self-confidence of the affected person.

An unusually large or pointed chin can be corrected surgically by removing a portion of the bone to reshape or reduce the size.